Central Massachusetts Diving is a fully sanctioned AAU Springboard Diving lesson and team programs.  The coaches are concerned about the divers’ safety. Their experience includes many years of participation in competitive diving as well as coaching at various levels. The mission of Central Massachusetts Diving is to provide a high quality, progressive, year-round diving program for divers ranging from entry level to those competing at the national level. The training will provide technical and safety instruction to athletes who are (or wish to be) competitive in the sport of springboard diving.

          The CMD Club is a year round, registered Amateur Athletic Union Diving program. The goal of the program is to engage athletes of all ages in the sport of competitive springboard diving. Each diver will be registered with AAU, and will participate in training sessions that will include them to a wide range of methods and learning experiences. Eventually, CMD would like to see each diver in our program compete in sanctioned events, while on high school teams and even succeed while diving in NCAA division schools.

         Diving is a very exciting and defiant sport that unites strength, speed and attitude. Courage, potential and excitement with heart are established to become an all around athlete, but every diver has a joy for this sport in order to thrive. Although many beginners have backgrounds as gymnasts or dancers, diving can still become a sport that can challenge not only the flexibility of the body but also the courage of the athlete, with the goal of striving for excellence.

       Practices will be announced on a bi-monthly schedule, and are held at the Hart Center at the College of the Holy Cross located in the heart of Massachusetts in the City of Worcester. We are located within a 40 miles radius of Providence, RI, Plainfield, Ct, Springfield, Ma and Boston, Ma Each practice session will include a combination of conditioning exercises, dry land work on trampoline, and diving techniques.  


1) Learn to dive lessons

Learn to dive lesson – For the diver with little or no experience. This group is designed to teach the basic skills of diving while developing safe technique.

2) Novice

Junior Olympic – The junior Olympic Program is designed for the diver who has learned the skills required to compete at an advanced level. They will be focused on improving their skills to compete at the State level as well as Regional, Zone and National meets

3) Different Springboard Diving Levels

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3) Junior Olympic

Novice – The Novice Program is designed for the young or inexperienced diver. The focus of practice sessions will be on the fundamentals and basics of springboard diving, thus building the foundation for the future and more advanced training. Divers will have the opportunity to participate in regular dual meets and selected invitational.